Growth-Led Digital Transformation For A Personal Care Brand

In the past year, companies have been made to confront their digital stance while reimagining their priorities. Technology holds the world together today and cannot be overlooked when it comes to dealing with B2B or B2C markets. 

Multiple E-commerce platforms are now studying and analyzing customer behavior to dig deeper and create a better experience. While the companies are working towards boosting business through a high customer satisfaction quotient, Schbang was able to overachieve the KPIs for this skincare brand. 

Our Digital Transformation team has carefully redefined the experience and customer journey for a leading personal care brand. This brand has been able to see considerable growth in the functioning of its website, leading to a boost in revenue over the past year. It now dwells on customization & contextualization to enhance the experience for its audience. This collaboration has led to overachieving KPIs for the brand in the first 5 months itself.  

The pursuit of ‘The Right Time’

While making the most of the digital landscape and enhancing the experience for its audience, the brand’s website was given a thematic touch during occasions like Christmas and Holi. Apart from providing an interactive experience, this contextualization yielded close to a 50% increase in its conversion rate. The website thrives on discount-intensive sales and segments visitors by gender to provide exclusive discounts on gender-specific products. This way, it generates better results by targeting the right potential customer for the right product. 

Building on Associations

A Nielsen survey on trust and advertising suggests that 83% of customers are willing to refer after a positive shopping experience. Building on this insight, we built a one-to-one personalized conversation alongside, keeping a customer-first approach.  Email marketing and loyalty programs have been responsible for most if not all of the revenue generated. Email Marketing, as simple as alerting potential customers to check their carts if they have any items in their cart, prompts users to visit the website more often. 

Personalizing with Intelligence

Enhancing the user experience to build a strong foundation, we were able to help the personal care brand put in all its efforts into making the best use of tools and data for bettering its offerings.  A melange of personalization of conversations with the help of AI and ML while enabling web-behavior marketing, helped deliver the best possible customer-oriented results. 

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